Kirkwoo McCarthy Pages Lane
Kirkwoo McCarthy Pages Lane

Pages Lane

Transformation of a Victorian semi-detached property into a couryard family house.

Status: Completed 2016

Location: Muswell Hill

Category: Extension


A Victorian semi-detached property has been transformed into a garden linked family home with a new rear ground floor wing that encloses on the Western boundary to form a courtyard. At once widening the existing footprint and better capturing the southern garden aspect, the courtyard brings a connected, sun-filled sequence between the various living spaces and opens out the formerly dark and introverted plan.


The extensions leans asymmetrically toward the house, preserving the canopy space of the Mountain Ash and the outlook from the first floor bedroom window to the garden. The 3.3m vaulted ceiling exaggerates the sense of space, flow and volume, seemingly as open and airy as the garden spaces it adjoins.

A clear distinction between old and new elements is realised by the material palette. For new elements graphite zinc, black steel and minimalist detailing are used to distinguish against the softly textured brick and timber panelling to the original house. The existing built fabric has been restored to its original intent; openings remain and the timber sash windows restored. In the kitchen, openings were dropped to floor level and serve as portals leading into the new wing, subtly denoting a threshold between old and new.

Kirkwoo McCarthy Pages Lane
Kirkwoo McCarthy Pages Lane

A new courtyard interlinks the original living rooms with a new kitchen and dining wing. These spaces are enriched by the quality of light and garden views that this achieves. 



Elements of the original structure are revived and incorporated into the refurbishment, telling a story of the buildings past and present. 

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Symmetrys Ltd

Fine Renovate Ltd