Selwyn Garage

New-build split level family residence on the site of a former single-car garage.


Status: Planning granted

Location: Bow

Category: New Build

On a plot measuring 5m wide x 12m deep a 139m2 residence with 4 double bedrooms has been achieved via a split floor section, creating generous ceiling heights to the living room and a roof terrace to the second floor to maintain a 2-storey appearance. Internally the proposal achieves generous open plan living with a strong connection to the outdoors. A rear side light well affords natural light and ventilation to all bathrooms, and creates a shade garden to adjoin the kitchen.


The design takes the rhythm of a Victorian Bow terrace - opening sizes, height datum and parapet levels are maintained - yet subtle detailing allows the design to be distinguished from its neighbours. An angled cut-out to the parapet corner breaks down the massing of the side elevation and softens the junction between the roof heights of each adjoining neighbour; windows are large casement format with thin profile metal frames; pale stock brickwork is paired with concrete.

Kirkwood McCarthy Selwyn
Kirkwood McCarthy Selwyn
Kirkwood McCarthy Selwyn