Kirkwood McCarthy Dream

Dream Pavilion

A whimsical summer pavilion to encourage imagination

Status: Concept

Location: Bethnal Green

Category: Competition

This Dream Pavilion entry is a play on imagination and duality that appeals to young and old. As with the nature of dreams, the pavilion reveals new and further level of detail and intricacy as the viewer approaches.


When viewed from afar, the pavilion introduces a secondary landscape to the Museum Gardens. It is a slightly surreal scape that one must squint, imagine and interpret in order to decipher its imagery, akin to the experience of watching clouds.


This surreal scape draws the viewer in to enter and interact with the pavilion form, where upon the skin reveals itself no longer as a surreal scape, but as an assemblage of the one motif, a sheep. Selected as a motif for its association with sleep and dreaming, the sheep embeds a layer of humour to this lighthearted, playful proposal.

Kirkwood McCarthy Dream
Kirkwood McCarthy Dream
Kirkwood McCarthy Dream
Kirkwood McCarthy Dream

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