Bellingham Mews - Entry-Watercolour.jpg

Bellingham Mews

Mixed used regeneration with

14 mews houses, 4 flats and

2 commercial units.

Status: Planning Granted

Location: Lewisham

Category: New Build

Bellingham Mews is a mixed use regeneration project that will create an iconic,high quality new housing and work spaces in the borough of Lewisham.

Spanning a street block, the site has dual entrances that are connected by a shared mews garden.

The Bellingham Road entrance is the primary entrance to the site. A pitching brick structure builds over the existing driveway, framing the view to the mews garden within. The generous window proportion and maximum roof pitch are matched to local precedent so that the development is consistent and cognizant to its street character. 

The mews garden  provides access to 14 terrace houses .  A mixture of 2-bed, 3-bed and 4-bed types, the arrangement of these terrace types are arrayed, reflected and staggered to achieve  an arresting terraced street.  

The proliferate use of brick throughout the development underpins a rigour and quality that will give the development longevity and cohesion to its setting. 


Physical models were used throughout the design process to develop and test the massing, scale and arrangement of structures and landscape.



Fourteen mews houses , staggered in plan and varying in roof pitch, create an arresting composition that achieves an animated elevation.  Each is accessed from a shared mews garden loosely defined by the scattering of grass beds with mature tress . The subtle widening of paved area nearer front doors allows for unprogrammed amenity spaces for residents .

Balconies from each terrace project into the mews space to strengthen the interaction of residents, flanked with corten steel mesh to each side to provide additional layering to the material palette. 

Bellingham Mews - Daneby-watercolour.jpg





The proposal is 3-storeys to the mixed use portion of the site, reducing to 2-storeys at the resident end of the site, to create two distinct frontages that are consistent to local scale.

Each separate elevation is a considered entity that forms part of a greater composition of the mews-house and garden development. The way that mews terraces houses are repeated, mirrored and staggered creates a dynamic urban impression that at the same time uses only 4 house types.

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